~My Mind, Aloud: “Peephole of Narrow-Mindedness”

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How can one expect to view the Universe,
when they are looking through a pinhole?

Dead Dog Barking (May 1972 –)


~My Mind, Aloud: “Circumscribed By Failure”

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All Success
is circumscribed
by Failure.

Dead Dog Barking (May 1972 –)

~My Mind, Aloud: “Extinguishing Success”

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Only Quitting
can extinguish Success;
not Failure.

Dead Dog Barking (May 1972 –)

~My Mind, Aloud: “A Dimming Failure Illuminates”

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A failure is simply a
dimming of light,
allowing the ways to success
to illuminate more brightly.

Dead Dog Barking (May 1972 –)

~My Mind, Aloud: “Diving the Life Fantastique”

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Life is like Scuba Diving;
When it brings you down too far,
drop your weights.
(whatever they may be)

~ Dead Man Diving (May 1972 –)

~My Mind, Aloud: “Melodic All Mighty”

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What if God were Music…?
Then would we not ALL
be the most fervent believers
of the same thing?

~ Dead Dog Barking (May 1972 –)

~My Mind, Aloud: “A Dog In God’s Clothing”

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I may be
a Dog among Men,
But I am surely
a Wolf among Gods.

Dead Dog Barking (May 1972 –)

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